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Footsteps in the Sand

Oman | Jordan

A blogger's journal

Share chasing dolphins, rockin' a wadi, Oman's Grand Canyon, sand dune bashing, Petra, floating in The Dead Sea, The Holy Land, and the pursuit of Hungry Bunny through photos and Eclectic Stefan's factual and, at times, idiosyncratic observations about Oman and Jordan. The next best thing to being there. Experience the adventures and see the wonders of wonderful Oman and amazing Jordan. Based on Eclectic Stefan's blog, Footsteps in the Sand. 

Available as a hardcover book.

120 Full Colour Pages | Deluxe Photo Paper

Large Square | 12 x 12 in | 30 x 30 cm

Footsteps Book Cover.png
Footsteps in the Sand

i macchiato therefore i am

a collection of macchiato coffee photographs

Macchiato (pronounced mah-kee-ah-to), an Italian word meaning "stained", is an espresso stained with a little milk. ​

Stefan has discovered that a long macchiato can be an espresso, double shot, doppio, long, short, milky, layered, stained, frothy foam espresso coffee. He continues to drink and photograph long macchiatos in Australia and across the world to capture the variations of coffee called a long macchiato.

Available as a softcover book.

102 Full Colour Pages | Pro Line Uncoated Paper

Small Square | 7 x 7 in | 18 x 18 cm

Book cover, i macchiato therefore i am.p
i macchiato therefore i am
espresso | doppio | double shot

espresso. doppio. double shot

a collection of espresso coffee photographs

Espresso, an Italian word meaning "pressed coffee", is a strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans.​

By any other name, Stefan enjoys an espresso, doppio, double shot that is black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.

Available as a softcover book.

92 Full Colour Pages | Pro Line Uncoated Paper

Small Square | 7 x 7 in | 18 x 18 cm

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Mr. Natural | A Body of Work

Mr. Natural

A Body of Work

From his gluteus maximus and pectoralis major to his palmaris longus and vastus medialis, Harry Haureliuk was, literally, a body of work.

Harry’s bodybuilding career is a story of success on the local, national and international levels over many decades.

Harry not only trained and competed himself but mentored new bodybuilders of all ages and, in his role as a Physical Culture Consultant, inspired people to achieve the best they can, regardless of their health and fitness levels.

Harry was a larger than life character with a wicked sense of humour.

Mr. Natural: A Body of Work celebrates Harry’s career in bodybuilding. Stefan compiled this book to celebrate the vastness of Harry’s lifelong accomplishments as a bodybuilder.


Available as a hardcover book.

Linen Cover | Dust Jacket | 52 Full Colour Pages

Deluxe Photo Paper

Portrait | 8 X 10 in | 21 x 26 cm

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 11.31.22


Available as a soft cover publication (Magazine Style).

Flexible high-gloss laminated soft cover | 52 Full Colour Pages Standard Photo Paper

Portrait | 8 X 10 in | 21 x 26 cm

Film Speak

Film Speak

A guide to terms used in fillums and pitchas

Illustrated by Jo Dougal


What does a gaffer do?  What is the relationship between French bread and Gene Autry? Who was Hollis Wood? Where was Pee Wee Herman when he was caught giving an impression of a film buff? Film Speak takes a funny, irreverent and informative look at film gossip, film terminology, film making processes and personalities from Academy Awards to zoom lens.

Out of Print
You Can't Drive to Greece

You Can't Drive to Greece

Athens | Crete | Kythera

A blogger's journal

Dogs behind the steering wheel of a car on Kythera, the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace in Athens, former leper colonies on Spinalonga, the magnificence of the Acropolis, making yamista at Arolithos, visiting Suda Bay War Cemetery, the aphrodisiac powers of dittany, 3000 year old olive trees at Gortyn, and a Smart car made of stainless steel in Syntagma Square that has a sign advising you to "Hand Wash Only and Do Not Iron" the car, You Can't Drive to Greece shares an historical and, often, quirky, offbeat approach to the delights of ancient, modern and off-the-tourist track Greece.

And we haven't even mentioned the pristine, crystal-clear, warm waters of the beach at Elafonisos.

Limited Edition: Out of Print
You Can't Drive to Greece Book Cover.png
Turn Right at London

Turn Right At London

London | Old Europe | Croatia 

Photographs & Memories

From the sprawling, stunning floral displays at the Chelsea Flower Show and the Physik Garden, eating trdlo in Prague, and the opulent St. Vitus Cathedral in Cesky Krumlov, to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Berlin, the stunning natural beauty of Plitvicka Jezera Lakes and the House of the Guardsman of the Cabbage in Salzburg, Turn Right at London explores through Stefan's idiosyncratic lens and words the incredible diversity of sights and attractions, created by nature and humans from London and across Europe.

Limited Edition: Out of Print
Turn Right at London Book Cover.png
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