The Smallest Hotel in the World

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The Smallest Hotel in the World with Montreal Castle in the distance.
The Smallest Hotel in the World (Montreal, Jordan). Montreal Castle on the summit in the distance.

On our way to visit Montreal, Jordan (see *Travel Fact below), we stopped at the smallest hotel in the world. The hotel was parked--yes, parked--on the side of the road that wound its way up the mountainside on the way to Montreal Castle.

Montreal means Royal Mountain and Montreal Castle was built to protect the armies of the Crusades in 1292. Located high on a mountain, it has views of the surrounding lands and was assigned the task of maintaining safe roads to Jerusalem for the Crusaders. It was self-sufficient with water to last six months in a long siege.

You, too, will be surprised, as we were, at the nature of the smallest hotel. We thought it might be a mini Me version of a hotel (see *Movie Fact below) or a bonsai hotel, but, no, it’s an actual hotel where people still book to stay.

Sign stating hotel tariff $1 | Smallest Hotel
The smallest hotel...still $1 a night

It’s a VW Beetle, similar to the hippy VW Beetle we saw in Matala, Greece. And the room rate for two people for one night's stay is $1. No shower. No kitchen. No refrigerator. No mini bar. No TV. No Wi-fi. What you get is loads of fun and smiles for everyone.

Couple in interior of lavishly decorated smallest hotel in the world
I know, I hear you say, “Get a room, you two”. Oh, wait, this is the room. And the entire hotel. 😍😂

The owner was friendly and enjoyed a chat or five. He's the son of the man who set-up the VW Beetle hotel and still lives in a room dug out the the mountainside. He enjoys inviting visitors to step inside for "suvener and Turkish coffee".

eclectic Stefan sitting in doorway of world's smallest hotel

The VW Beetle is the coolest, funkiest, velvetyist hotel in the world…as well as being the smallest. I thought we'd stayed in a room at the Merrijig Inn, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia that might be the smallest room up the steepest steps in the world--if we stretched out our arms we could touch both walls of the room--but it was only one room in a bigger inn.The VW Beetle is the entire hotel.

Hand painted sign declaring "The Smallest Hotel in the World
Hand painted sign declaring "The Smallest Hotel in the World"

Granted, it was the owner of the smallest hotel in the world who declared it was the smallest but when you see it, you don't care if there is a smaller hotel. The VW Beetle Hotel wins.

Visitors from all over the world leave souvenirs attached to the smallest hotel in the world.

*TRAVEL FACT: Although we hadn’t strayed outside the borders of Oman and Jordan, we had visited Montreal, Philadelphia and saw a sign pointing to Tharwa. These are all places in the Middle East that existed long before their counterparts in Canada, the United States and Canberra. The world is an interesting, curious and odd place, which suits me down to the ground.

*MOVIE FACT: Mini Me is a character in Mike Myers’ Austin Powers movies The Spy Who Shagged Me and Goldmember. Oh, behave, baby.