Petra By Night

Flashlight? Check. Warm jacket? Check. Walking shoes? Check. Enthusiasm? Double check. Our first experience of Petra was the Petra By Night experience. It requires you walk half an hour in the dark down the SIQ, a narrow opening carved through mountainous rock, with hundreds of other visitors, guided only by atmospheric tea lights in paper bags the entire way over old Roman roads. That’s why you need a flashlight and shoes with grip. You walk until you reach The Treasury, the most recognised monument of Petra.

Everyone sits around in the sand in the evening darkness with the stunning Treasury building as your backdrop while listening to a Bedouin play a reed instrument, followed by an another older Bedouin playing a stringed instrument and singing.

Video: Petra By Night

As a third Bedouin retells the dream in which he encountered the spirit of Petra, a volley of lights illuminates The Treasury and the spectacle begins.

Some kind of magic!