i macchiato therefore i am

All macchiatos are not created equal

A macchiato by any other name is a double shot, doppio, long, short, milky, layered, stained, frothy foam espresso coffee. Every photo shows a long macchiato but, as you can see, not every macchiato is created equal.

A celebration of macchiato coffee

Macchiato (pronounced mah-kee-ah-to), an Italian word meaning "stained", is an espresso stained with a little milk.

A long macchiato. Dark. Strong. Flavoursome. It's my favourite coffee.

There's one issue with long macchiatos. Not all long macchiatos are created equal.

Every time I ordered a long macchiato the waiter would ask me what I meant by a long macchiato. Was it a double shot? Doppio? A single shot? A full glass? Milky? Layered? Frothy foam?

I never knew what I was going to get.

At one cafe, The Kitchen Cabinet, I wanted to know if the long macchiato was a full cup because I wanted a coffee with volume.

The waiter stared at me and said, "It's a double shot."

I asked further about the amount of liquid in the cup.

She continued to look at me. She repeated, "It's a double shot."

I said bring me a long macchiato. It was a double shot.

Since that exchange, when I order a long macchiato, I don't ask any questions about how it's made and presented. Instead, when it's served, I take photos to record the styles of macchiato made by individual cafes and restaurants along with the cups, glasses and containers in which they are served and the textured patterns of the table surfaces.

It is all about the visual presentation.

Stefan has discovered that a long macchiato can be an espresso, double shot, doppio, long, short, milky, layered, stained, frothy foam espresso coffee. He continues to drink and photograph long macchiatos to capture the variations of coffee called a long macchiato.

They are all double shots.

It might be time for a long macchiato now.