There Be Giants!

Mural painted on the side of a decommissioned wheat storage silo

When travelling through rural Victoria, a sure sign that you are approaching a small town is the sight of 30 metre high grain silos dominating the horizon like towering sentinals.

Many silos that stored wheat have been decommissioned. They stood empty for many years until someone came up with an interesting idea. Why not paint giant murals on these giant silos? The subject of these murals would be local families who farmed the land in the district. The first silos to have murals painted on them are located near Brim.

Silos with painted murals

Brim is a small town on the Henty Highway between Horsham and Mildura in the Mallee district of country Victoria. It’s the kind of place you would normally zip through on your way to somewhere else. You would see the roadside sign announcing the name of the town, Brim, and an old farmhouse not too far away. That was it. It passed faster than a doppler sound wave.

Now, you will be stopping to have a look at the spectacular silo mural paintings on the roadside wheat silos. Each of the silo cylinders has a full-length image of local farmers covering several generations. When I say full-length, I mean 30 metres high and 44 metres wide. We were informed about them by a relative, saw pictures online and on a recent visit to friends and family in the Mallee district of rural Victoria (Australia), decided to travel to see them. They look spectacular in photos; they are more spectacular in person. They certainly attract plenty of viewers who stop to have a break in their travels. The murals have also revived tourism and the economy of this tiny Victorian town. Travellers park their caravans on the side of the road to see the murals. Other towns have used the idea to produce murals on their decommissioned grain silos. You can even follow a Silo Art trail through rural Victoria, if you wish.

These giants might not stride across the land but they certainly dominate the landscape.

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