"Don’t have a cow, man"

When Bart Simpson proclaims, “Don’t have a cow, man”, he’s clearly never visited Shepparton, Victoria. Not only would he have had a cow, he would have had a dozen cows. We’re not talking actual living bovines roaming a paddock.

The Shepparton cows are made of fibreglass. That’s only the beginning of the story.

They are free range cows. The main herd of cows in the "Mooving Art" exhibition is in Monash Park on the western exit from Shepparton (driving to Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in a land down udder) at the start of the causeway between Shepparton and Mooroopna (oh, no, that’s not a pun; it’s an actual town).

According to the Mooving Art website,

“Moooving Art pays homage to the strength of the dairy industry in Greater Shepparton. The region produces a large percentage of Australia’s dairy exports, making the bovine a natural and perfect choice for this exhibition. Moooving Art was initially seen as a unique and innovative way to increase the dairy profile, whilst also increasing public art in the region.”
About Moooving Art
About Art Cows

There’s also a lovely initiative, similar to the Shepparton cows, The Archibull Prize. Art4Agriculture states,

“Thousands of primary and secondary students have spent the past two terms creating extraordinary and inspired original artworks on life-size, fiberglass cows through the Archibull Prize competition”.

It’s a take on the famous Archibald Prize and the irreverent Bald Archy prize.

Read more:
Archibull Prize
Bald Archy 

The Shepparton cows are an added incentive to stop and watch the cows graze while you graze on your lunch. It’s no cowincidence that they’re there. They will keep your eyes wide open without the need for calffeine.

Stop me if you’ve herd about them. You’ll have no trouble spotting them; they’re not cow-moo-flaged, although they are painted.

You’ll soon be saying, “How now, brown cow, and Spider Cow. And Strawberries and Cream Cow (self-creaming). And Moo-na Lisa. And Cows in Pyjamas. And Marilyn Moo-nroe. They change regularly. The last I herd, they are still there.

The overwhelming opinion is that the painted cows are udderly ridiculous which is why they are udderly delightful. Seeing is bullieving. Once you stop and look, you could be there until the cows come home. You’ll be highly amoosed. If you don't stop to see them, you'll say, "Bummer".

What do you expect when we’re dealing with painted cows? Correct. Bad cow puns, (and I’m milking them for all they’re worth) like those in Dana Lyons’ song, Cows with Guns:

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Dana C Lyons

Cows with Guns lyrics © Lyons Brothers Music, BMI

“Nobody thunk it, nobody knew

No one imagined the great cow guru

Cows are one”

“He hid in the forest, read books with great zeal

He loved Che Guevera, a revolutionary veal

Cow Tse Tongue”


“We will fight for bovine freedom

And hold our large heads high

We will run free with the Buffalo, or die

Cows with guns”

Complete lyrics available at Cows with Guns lyrics

Auditioning for Marvel's new movie, "Aquacow"

It could be that I have cabin fever and that’s why I’ve written this blog because I can’t go to the moovies. Remember, you first herd about these cows at eclectic Stefan.

Cowabunga, dudes.