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Espresso Doppio Photos


Espresso, meaning "pressed out", is a strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure through ground dark-roast coffee beans.  Espresso, shortened from the Italian caffe espresso,literally, is pressed coffee.

CAFE  Moye | Florence | Italy

CAFE  Kafana Kod Pera Na Bukovicu | Njegusi | Montenegro


 A long black is a double shot espresso extracted over hot water with a strong aroma and taste. It is commonly found in Australia and New Zealand. 

Long Black Photos

CAFE  Little Garran | Garran | Australian Capital Territory

CAFE  Common Grounds | Gowrie | Australian Capital Territory


 (pronounced mah-kee-ah-to), an Italian word meaning "stained", is an espresso stained or marked with a little milk.

Macchiato Photos

CAFE  D. O. C. | Carlton | Melbourne

CAFE  Ona on the Lawns | The Lawns | Manuka | Australian Capital Territory

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